W.H. claims world looking at U.S. as “leader” on COVID-19; Trump embraces confederate flag, lashes out at NASCAR for banning it; Houston official warns hospitals could be overrun in two weeks;


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32 states increase in cases, 14 states steady, only 4 declining; At least ten states seeing record level of hospitalizations; Americans pack beaches, parties as infections surge in U.S.; Cuomo: New York shouldn’t get “cocky” & invite curve to go up; Austin mayor: 2 weeks away from hospital beds running out; Hospitalizations in Miami-Dade county up 88%; Record cases in Florida, Texas as some officials say the states reopened too early; FDA chief won’t defend Trump’s claim that 99% of coronavirus cases are “harmless”;

Trump targets the only black NASCAR driver in tweet outburst; WH press secy struggles to defend Trump confederate flag tweet; As election approaches, Trump amps up racial rhetoric;

Coronavirus hospitalizations in Texas hit a new daily high; Medical experts blame early reopening for surge in Texas cases; Houston hospital: number of COVID patients quadrupled in one month; Houston hospital: 60% of COVID patients are under the age of 50;

ICE: international students will have to leave U.S. if their university cancels in-person learning; COVID-19 cases in Brazil top 1.6 million, deaths near 65K, second highest in world behind U.S.; U.S. & Brazil lead world in COVID-19 cases as leaders in both nations politicize and downplay virus; Brazil’s president fired heath minister who wanted quarantines, vetoed part of mandatory mask law; Brazil’s largest cities reopen shops, salons and restaurants as COVID-19 cases skyrocket;

At least 6 kids killed by gun violence in U.S. this weekend; 63 people shot in NYC over holiday weekend; GA Gov declares state of emergency after increase in violence

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