Why The Playoff Contending Rays Can't Fill Their Stadium


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The Tampa Bay Rays are currently competing for a Wild Card spot as the baseball season enters its final days. But despite a successful season on the field the team is struggling to get fans into the stands. Attendance has been so dismal that team ownership is considering splitting home games between Florida and Montreal and even moving the team altogether. The Athletic’s Jayson Stark joins us to talk about the dynamics between the city, the franchise and a fan base that just doesn’t show up, even as the team is winning.

You can read Jayson Stark’s article on the future of the Tampa Bay Ray’s here: https://theathletic.com/990608/2019/05/23/stark-is-there-hope-for-the-rays-in-tampa-bay/?source=theleadpodcast

And hear Jayson Stark talking with Dan Rubenstein on "Sports Wars":


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