Let's Talk Bitcoin! #423 Decentralization Philosophy Part 1 '" From Buddha to the Conquistadors


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The best Sundays are for long reads and deep conversations. Earlier this week, theLet's Talk Bitcoin! Showgathered to discuss decentralization in blockchain projects, the historical context of decentralized organizations, the robustness it conveys but also the difficulties it engenders.

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In today's episode, we apply concepts and stories from"The Spider and the Starfish: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations", a formational book on pre-blockchain decentralization written in the early 2000s, as the centralized US military struggled to effectively dispatch a much smaller decentralized force in Afghanistan. While the battlefield is different, the insight is perhaps even more relevant to the world of blockchain projects, their decentralized origins, and ambitions.

Later, we discuss the similarities betweendecentralized organizations and Buddha's concept of self.

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This episode featured Adam B. Levine,Stephanie Murphy, andJonathan Mohan

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