11. PROMIS Scales and Leveling Up Academia with Dr. Jeff Houck


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Dr. Jeff Houck, a professor and researcher out of George Fox University, just might be one of the most passionate people I have ever met.

I was lucky enough to learn from him my very first summer of PT school during an intense 10 week Anatomy course, but honestly, I was probably most lucky to be inspired by him.

In this episode, we discuss Dr. Houck's involvement with patient centered PRO research on the PROMIS scales.

More on PROMIS scales

Honestly, I know outcome measures are not "sexy" but these PROMIS scales seriously got me excited. Especially as they truly embody valuing a multi dimensional BPS perspective.

We finished up with discussing more about the innovative and progressive culture that Dr. Jeff Houck is a part of at GFU. Some serious gems in here. Enjoy!

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