308: Red Review | Arsenal, League Cup, Ex-Players, Bury/Bolton & Burnley


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On this week's show, Matt and Rich are joined for his debut by Jussi Heikkinen. How did he become a Liverpool fan?

Arsenal - Matip magic, was it a pen and Salah supreme. Hot in the Kop. Matty meets Troops from AFTV. Who won the prediction comp? Matty (4-1) or Rich (4-2). Matty obvs.

League Cup draw vs MK Dons. Do we want to progress or content to go out early doors

The summer transfer target LFC missed out on - Lloyd Kelly

Ex-players corner Andy Carroll

Bury and Bolton - Could the nearby Premier League clubs have done more to help? What responsibility does the EFL have? Support your small local club.

Burnley up next - What we can expect? Predictions.

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