#BlueWave with Justin Bonner (WI-03) and more


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On the September 18, 2019 episode of Liberal Dan radio: Corey Lewandowski testified before Congress yesterday. I don't know if you could find a more childish person to accurately respresent the attitude of the modern GOP and this Presidency specifically. Donald Trump is trying to stop California from having additional standards on vehicle emissions. What ever happened to the 10th amendment? Miriam Webster added "they" as a non-binary pronoun. I will talk about why that's important. And in the bottom half of the hour, Justin Bonner, candidate for Congress in WI-03 will be joining us to discuss his campaign. Those issues, headlines, words of redneck wisdom and more, this week on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk From The Left, That's Right. To leave your thoughts after the show, go to the show thread at liberaldan.com, or leave comments on the Liberal Dan Radio facebook page or @LiberalDanRadio on Twitter.

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