Being Consistent


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In this podcast Tim breaks down his recent trip to Acapulco Mexico where he spoke at The Dollar Vigilante Summit alongside the likes of G Edward Griffin, Mike Maloney, Jeff Berwick, Ron Paul, Roger Ver etc.

The theme for this show is being consistent. Even though Tim supported Canadate Trump he has at many times found himself at odds with President Trump. There are numerous examples where Republicans have given Trump a free pass on anything he does because they want to support the President.

It is Tim's contention that the die hard Trump fans who will not keep him on the straight and arrow are the ones who will be to blame when we have a socialist president in 2020.

At the end of 4 years we will have a much bigger government, bigger deficits, bigger national debt, and more gun laws. If Republicans have majorities across the board and still manage to outspend democrats then what is the point of wasting our time to vote if this is how we are treated.

Ultimately our economy is built on top of quicksand and just because Trump actually does want to make america great again as opposed to others who wanted to destroy us, it doesnt take away from the fact the debt based monetary system will "eventually leave us homeless on the continent our forefathers conquered"

Tim also gets into a story about a recent horrible encounter he had with the public servents and ties into the theme of being consistent.

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