From Zero to $940K in Profit in 26 Months with Self-Storage with Ken Holmes


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This is a special episode of the Lifeonaire Show, because Jason Wojo and Polish Peter have a Lifeonaire real estate expert on the line plus a live audience to pick his brain! Ken Holmes has decades of real estate experience, but he’s recently declared that he’s shutting down all his other investments to go all in on self storage. You’ll learn how he has such confidence in this route of investing, and how he’s made almost a million dollars in profit in just over two years! Stick around to hear about:

  • How self storage is self sustaining and easy to systematize (so that once you set it up, you hardly have to do anything!)
  • Ken’s goal to do debt free investments and how his current deals are helping him get there
  • How to zero in on ways to improve a facility so you can increase its value
  • How to structure private money partners

And so much more! If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into learning more about self-storage investing, this is your chance to hear secrets from a real estate genius!

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