Marketing: the Basics and Beyond


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We’re continuing our marketing kick with a roundtable discussion! This week, Jason Wojo and Polish Peter took the reins and shared their thoughts on what the most important elements of marketing are. In fact, Peter has YEARS of experience in the business of marketing, and Wojo has learned a ton through his time as CEO of Lifeonaire, so you’ll definitely want to listen in. They cover this and more:

  • How to find your ideal client (and how focusing on them saves you time AND money)
  • The superpower of knowing what your clients DON’T want to help you differentiate
  • Tips like avoiding big words (like the mystery word Wojo used to describe Peter in a recent episode!)
  • And how to budget for marketing

So if you’ve been running around in circles with your marketing or you don’t even know where to begin with it, take a seat at the table!

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