Setting Yourself Up to Win and Pursuing Your Passion with Steve Earnhart


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So many of us are steered down a road away from our passions. We’ve all heard it before: you’ll never be able to make a living doing that. Steve Earnhart is here with a counter-argument as he shares about how he made a living as a musician! He covers:

  • The power of putting in the work (from practicing your craft to learning from those who have been successful in your desired field)
  • How being surrounded by supportive people can fill you with a deep rooted sense of hope
  • The edge that being open to different ways of utilizing your passion can give you in your career
  • The importance of disregarding any influences that tell you you can’t do it

Musician or not, this message is for you if you long to pursue your passion but have hesitations. Steve provides such an inspirational reminder that with dedication and creativity, you too can flourish in your endeavors!

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