Transforming Your Hardships into Blessings with Steve Chamberland, founder of 50 Legs


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After losing his leg in a terrible accident, Steve Chamberland thought his life was over.

But not for long.

Steve was determined to turn his hardship around and use it as inspiration to help others. Now, he’s founder of the organization 50 Legs in 50 Days and has helped almost 600 people get prosthetics.

Steve’s story and his attitude is nothing short of inspirational. Listen in and learn from someone who thanks God every day for losing his leg because it’s allowed him to make such a life-changing impact on so many people.

So if you’re in tough times and can’t find the silver lining, or you’re looking for a dose of motivation to get out there and make a difference, don’t go anywhere!

NOTE! This episode contains some colorful language.

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