Ep #199 - Brie Schmidt Owns and Manages 90+ Multifamily Units in Chicago and Milwaukee Brie Started Purchasing Investment Properties in 2011


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Here's some of what you will learn:

  • Brie started investing in Real Estate in August 2011 by buying a live in triplex. By 2014 she had built a multi-million dollar privately held portfolio and became a full time real estate investor.
  • The importance of identifying your motivation for being in the business.
  • The importance of setting clear goals to make sure your choices help you get there.
  • The benefits of using FHA loans to get started in investing.
  • The benefits of living in an owned plex at a reduced rate or free to springboard your investment career.
  • The importance of proper budgeting and reducing expenses to have more money for investing.
  • The importance of knowing your markets and investing according to your investment goals.
  • Tips on studying markets and how to get started in a different market.
  • The importance of keeping your tenants happy to avoid turnover.
  • The importance of asking questions and developing relationships.
  • The benefits of having a small broker as a property manager to manage small properties.
  • The benefits of getting referrals from brokers and property managers.
  • The importance of networking and relationship-building to get access to the best in the business.
  • The options available for financing your deals.
  • The possible challenges that come from buying property out of state.
  • The importance of getting to know your partners before a long term “buy and hold” investment.
  • The importance of good communication and setting proper expectations with your partners.
  • The potential setbacks you may have in a cash-flow market.
  • The importance of always doing the right thing in the business and following your intuition.
  • The importance of immersing yourself fully in the business and gaining experience to move forward.
  • The importance of having a solid team to help you be successful in the business.

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