#73 Supplies to Help You Stay Organized & Get More Done!


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What's the first thing you hear when you ask someone how they're doing? Do you get "I'm so busy", "I'm slammed at work", "It's been crazy?" I used to say those phrases all the time until I heard Tony Robbins once say something like "those who say they're busy, may be just that, busy, but, are they being productive?" and it gave me another one of those great ah-ha moments. I decided right then and there that I would stop saying "I've been busy" and now I say "I've been so productive" and you know what happened? You're correct, I became more productive.

Try it out for one week and see how it goes. What do you have to lose. You may be amazed at how it can change the productivity of your week, your month, and, your year.

So, today's episode is not only about how we should stop saying "we're busy", but, I will also share some of my favorite time management/organizing tools I have used in my office for over 25 years. These simple, yet effective tools and systems can help you save you hours in your day if use them properly AND consistently.

These items will help you stay organized and on track so that you'll be able to get more done and you'll be able reach your goals more quickly.

Stay organized and productive my Drumsters!

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