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Hello my lovely Drumsters! I sure hope you are having a great kick off to your new year and that your resolutions will come to fruition.

Today's guest is Dave Cool (yes, that's his real name) Dave is the Vice President of Business Development at BandZoogle and he's here with us to share with you how you can create a working website that can do so many things that can earn you money in your business.

Dave has spoken at dozen of music conferences including SXSW, Canadian Music Week, Folk Alliance, and, the ASCAP Expo. He has also been interviewed by The Economist, Newsweek International, CNN.com, and, the Financial Post for his insights on the music industry.

Dave is also a recovering punk rock drummer, comedy nerd, wine snob, and, vintage hockey card collector.

So if you're an artist or musician that is looking for a way to showcase your work but aren't super techy? The solution is simple, try Bandzoogle is the way to go!

Get a beautiful website up and running in no time. Learn how BandZoogle can help build your empire!

One of the coolest things about BandZoogle is that they don't take any commission fees when you add a membership site, or fundraising activities. You only pay the small monthly fee, that's all! And, if you use code the special code he offers inside the episode, you can get 15% off your first year's subscription.

You can check out the video interview on the link below:

Dave's Cool's Interview Video

Here's to good health, lots of love, rockin' those goals, and having a super fun, and safe 2021.





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