#83 How to Add Your Favorite Colors to Your Logos and Marketing Materials


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Hello Rockin' Drumsters,

I hope you are doing great and that you're accomplishing everything on your to-do lists and still getting in some downtime too.

Are you looking to create some new and fresh logos for your business? Would you like to add in your favorite colors but are not sure what they may mean to others?

Do you know what the color red means? What about yellow when it comes to logos? Find out here today where I will cover the colors and their meanings so that you can have the perfect logo and marketing materials for your business.

In today's episode, I will cover the meanings behind the different colors are used in their logos and how you can incorporate your favorite colors into yours.

So grab a pen and pad, take some good notes and go create your log masterpiece I'll see you inside.

Rock on & Rock Out,



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