#76: 7 Types of Spirit Guides with Yamile Yemoonyah


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Do you want to learn the 7 types of spirit guides? In Yamile Yemoonyah’s new spirit guides book by Hay House, you’ll learn how to connect with spirit guides such as angels, ascended masters, star beings, ancestors, nature beings, deities, and spirit guides animals. You’ll get to meet your spirit guides via spirit guide meditation journeys, to create positive change and transformation in your life. www.georgelizos.com Yamile Yemoonyah is a professional spirit guide medium, spiritual teacher, host of The Spirit Guide Show, and the founder of Spirit Guide Society. The very first time a spirit guide physically appeared in her bedroom in her mid-twenties, she had no choice but to believe in a reality beyond our 3D world. Ever since, she has been on a mission to learn as much about the unseen dimensions of the universe as possible, especially the myriad forms of conscious beings that inhabit it and how we can communicate with them. She has helped thousands of people connect with their own spirit guides through private readings, courses & workshops, and her weekly online show. When you order my book Lightworkers Gotta Work you'll get Life Purpose Bootcamp (valued at £197) – a two-hour workshop to finding and defining your life purpose – for FREE! Get it at www.georgelizos.com/lightwork RESOURCES MENTIONED: Yamile’s website: https://yemoonyah.com/ Spirit Guides Quiz: https://yemoonyah.com/quiz/ 7 Types of Spirit Guide book: https://yemoonyah.com/sevenspiritguide/ FREE GUIDES TO GET STARTED: Life Purpose Workbook: www.georgelizos.com/lifepurpose Lightworker Survival Guide: www.georgelizos.com/lightworker-survival-guide CONNECT WITH GEORGE: Instagram: www.instagram.com/georgelizos Facebook Group: www.yourspiritualtoolkit.com Website: www.georgelizos.com YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLcoCVRHZU407OXj24HH8g?sub_confirmation=1

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