SALON EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Gilmartin reads from 'Dinner Party: A Tragedy'


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We're thrilled to bring you this new episode featuring Dinner Party by Sarah Gilmartin - a brilliant coming-of-age page-turner about the complications of sibling relationships and the trauma of family secrets.

To mark the anniversary of a death in the family, Kate plans a dinner party - from the fancy table settings to the perfect Baked Alaska waiting in the freezer (yum!). But by the end of the night, old tensions have flared, the guests have fled, and Kate is spinning out of control.

Set between the 1990s and the present day, from a farmhouse in Carlow to Trinity College, Dublin, Dinner Party is a dark, sharply observed debut that thrillingly unravels into tragedy.

Dinner Party: A Tragedy is published 16th September by indie publisher Pushkin Press. We recommend buying from your local indie or you can get it from our shop at

'Sarah Gilmartin is a natural writer: she gives us terrific, complex characters and strong themes, in prose that is easy, fluent and charged with insight.' Anne Enright, Booker Prize-winning author of THE GATHERING

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