Protecting Shareholder Rights with Sara MacWilliams


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On this episode of The Litigation War Room, Maxwell Goss speaks with Sara MacWilliams, a business litigator described by one judge as an “outstanding legal mind” who “refuted all the claims made [by her opponent] with assurance and aplomb.” Sara talks about an important recent case she handled that clarified and amplified the rights of corporate shareholders. Sara provides insights about shareholder litigation and successfully litigating unresolved questions of law.


  • 01:59 - About Sara MacWilliams and her law practice
  • 05:11 - Murphy v. Inman
  • 09:26 - Cash-out mergers
  • 13:12 - Derivative versus direct claims
  • 18:00 - Corporate fiduciary duties
  • 20:00 - The opinion in Murphy v. Inman
  • 22:16 - Test for identifying direct claims
  • 24:17 - Duties of directors to shareholders
  • 27:13 - Broader implications of Murphy v. Inman
  • 30:58 - Sara's advice for attorneys
  • 32:45 - Where to find Sara MacWilliams online


Sara MacWilliams’s Attorney Bio

Opinion of Justice Zahra in Murphy v. Inman


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