121. The Fastest Way to Trash Your Optimism


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We are in the middle of our Summer Shorts series where we are taking quick looks at some of the most common questions people ask about moving from DREAM to DO in their life, business, and calling.

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In this episode, we focus on how to be optimistic. But instead of listing out positive thinking tips, we’re going after the #1 villain that’s out to destroy your optimism. This scoundrel doesn’t try to disguise himself at all. We know exactly who he is and what he wants to offer us. But for some reason, even though we know what he has to offer is harmful, we still become addicted to it.

Purpose of this Episode

You can be more optimistic by guarding your ears, eyes, heart, and mind from negativity.

3 Positive Thinking Tips

- Lock the door on negativity.

- Talk back to negativity.

- Open more doors to positivity.

Call to Action

This week, (1) lock the door on one source of negativity, (2) talk back to another source of negativity, and (3) open the door to a new source of positivity.

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