Why your healing diet isn't "working"


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I’m always reading books, listening to podcasts and attending trainings on the latest and greatest in nutrition and holistic health to make sure I’m up to date on what’s going on and can best serve my clients. I was recently reading a great book about using nutrition and lifestyle shifts specifically to balance hormones. It had amazing information about getting to the root cause or hormonal imbalance in the body and at the end of the book proposed a 30-day “hormone balancing protocol” which included dietary advice and a supplement regimen.

To be honest, this is one of probably 10 different protocols I’ve read about in the last 6 months, all somewhat similar but with their own nuances, restrictions and guidelines.

As I was reading through I kept thinking about how many clients come to me saying they tried XYZ protocol and it didn’t “work” or they’re afraid they may not have “done it right.” What happens if you follow the protocol to a T but your symptoms get worse, or some get better but others get worse, or you have no idea if it’s helping at all?

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