Real Convos Ep. 2: Navigating One-Sided Friendships & How Dedication To My Body Changed My Life with Tynisha Medina


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On today's episode, I had the wonderful (and fun and hilarious) opportunity to sit down with my little sister-in-love, Tynisha Medina.

Tynisha has recently changed her life by dedicating her time to caring for her body in a way that has altered her mental health immensely for the better. She has lost over 30 lbs and has recently been helping me to get fit! We talk about how she forced herself into the first steps of a healthy lifestyle and the tips she uses to stay consistent.

Working out is a wise and godly decision and effort, and in this conversation we discuss what it means to show up when you don't want to, how actually being at the gym has helped our 'Instagram fitness' mindsets and why we have continued on this path together (even though it's hard.)

We discuss one-sided friendships and how she let go of friends from her past to then find friends who made her feel like she belonged. We discuss feeling excluded, how you can be in different seasons while still maintaining a friendship, as well as the importance of intentionality and effort in those relationships.

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