Episode 67: Keith Isenberg, Owner of Blood, Sweat, Gears Bike Shop, 08/23/2021


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Our guest for Episode 67 is Keith Isenberg, owner of the Blood, Sweat, Gears bike shop, located in Lincoln County. And as you will hear in this episode, the shop has a Maiden address but is located just outside of Denver.
In this episode, Keith Isenberg talks about his early childhood living in Pennsylvania, how he became interested and knowledgeable about bikes and bike repair, his first bike, where he went to college, and the reason and inspiration behind opening Blood, Sweat, Gears back in 2007.
Keith also shared a few stories about where he likes to ride, how often he rides each week, which races he has participated in (and wants to ride in eventually), and also shared some great information about one of the best ways to keep your bike in great condition.
And we also talked to Keith about a local group of riders that meet each week throughout most of the year to connect local riders with other riders (https://www.facebook.com/groups/lincolncountycyclist).
In addition, Keith talked about some of the services he provides at Blood Sweat Gears, the brands of bikes he stocks (for kids also the way through competitive racing adults), the other products he also stocks in the shop, the Kids trade-up program, and talks about an extremely personal Charity ride (https://www.robinsride.com/) that Keith/BSG organizes and supports each year.

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