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How do people survive living and working in challenging organisations? There are few peace-time environments that pose as much risk and danger as forensic institutions yet people and groups find ways to navigate the difficulties of existing within these systems and even manage to flourish and grow. Listen to Locked up Living with David Jones and Naomi Murphy who have decades of managing this experience talking to a broad range of guests who have a rich variety of encounters with some of the most oppressive institutions. Learn about some of the challenges to human integrity and hear some important lessons in maintaining the well-being and resilience of individuals and services in heart-warming stories about survival and growth when facing adversity in harsh places. We are keen to engage with our listeners so do follow and review us and if you have an idea for a podcast let us know. Multiple links below! In this weekly podcast we will be exploring a key issue such as: -How activities such as therapy, arts, education, yoga and mindfulness contribute to well-being? -How do you preserve your own wholesomeness when steeped in the darker aspects of human nature? -How do you prevent your own traumatisation when listening to accounts of trauma? -How do you effect compassionate change and guard against society’s wish to punish? -What can we learn from those who don’t survive the system? -What are some of the moral dilemmas in engaging with institutions associated with oppression? -How do you keep psychologically safe in the face of threat and danger? - What undermines and turns a project toxic? We’re really looking forward to exploring these issues to deepen our own understanding and find ways to enable our own knowledge and growth. We hope you will be curious enough to join us too. Email Twitter @NMPsychologist and @wolvercoteman and @LockedUpLiving and Linkedin and

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