The Locked up Living Podcast: Surviving and thriving in prisons and other challenging environments


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What type of organisation, institution and industry are performing work that tests human resilience and evokes powerful feelings of shame, sadness, grief, disgust and fear? What makes an institutional culture challenging or toxic to our mental health? How do we cope with living or working in prisons or places where we feel anxious or frightened a lot of the time? Or where we are expected to be relentlessly competitive? What is a toxic culture and how is it created? What effect does hearing or witnessing emotional pain have on our emotional well-being? How do we deal with the emotional roller-coaster of risk and danger? Does working with people who commit murder, child abuse and rape, impact on those who work in men and women’s prisons and the wider criminal justice system? What kinds of people choose to work in these settings and why? How do people survive and thrive when facing significant challenges to our emotional health over a lengthy period? How do we prevent ourselves becoming infected by fear and sadness or contaminated by shame and disgust? How do we overcome adversity and avoid burnout or compassion fatigue? How do we make adversity an opportunity for growth? Is it possible to transform a corrosive culture into one that can nourish? How do we protect ourselves and stay compassionate, loving and trusting? Importantly, how do we find and preserve hope? There are few peace-time environments that pose as great a threat to emotional resilience and well-being as prisons and secure hospitals. Podcast hosts, David Jones (forensic psychotherapist) and Dr Naomi Murphy (clinical and forensic psychologist) have decades of experience in working in key forensic services where they’ve felt frightened and been steeped in stories full of sadness, grief, shame and disgust. They’ve found ways to navigate these difficult emotions and hold on to their humanity and love for mankind in the harshest of conditions in order to help others flourish and grow. Listen to the weekly Locked up Living Podcast with David Jones and Naomi Murphy as they talk to a broad range of guests featuring rich encounters with some of society’s most oppressive institutions and with people representing some of the most marginalised and oppressed groups. Naomi and David’s backgrounds in the criminal justice system and forensic mental health mean these sectors are particularly well-represented on the podcast and they discuss causes of crime, ways to reduce crime and how to improve rehabilitative endeavours. Crucially, they understand that forensic services often exist as silos and the podcast follows avenues they have explored in their aspiration to learn and grow from other areas in order to promote healthier organisational cultures. Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote that “The degree of civilisation in a society can be judged by entering its prisons”. David and Naomi hope that exploring less visible aspects of prisons will help listeners see that prisons are a window into society and let us see people not only at their worst but also at their best. We share snap shots of life in prisons and take a look at hospitals, schools, sport and the police in order to learn from other institutions. We learn about challenges to human integrity and hear important lessons and heart-warming stories about survival and growth when facing adversity in harsh places. We hope that sharing our conversations can help you make changes to your own relationship with institutions that might challenge your emotional health and well-being. We are keen to engage with you, so do follow and connect with us and give us feedback. Let us know what you think works as well as what doesn’t. We want to make the podcast a listen that you look forward to each week. We’ll also be extremely grateful for any reviews that you give us on YouTube – a simple thumb will do. In this weekly podcast, Naomi and David explore key issues such as: - How do activities such as therapy, arts, education, yoga and mindfulness contribute to well-being? - How do you preserve your own wholesomeness when steeped in the darker aspects of human nature? - How do you prevent your own traumatisation when listening to accounts of trauma? - How do you effect compassionate change and guard against society’s wish to punish? - What can we learn from those who don’t survive the system? - What are some of the moral dilemmas in engaging with institutions associated with oppression? - How do you keep psychologically safe in the face of threat and danger? We’re really looking forward to exploring these issues to deepen our own understanding and find ways to enable our own knowledge and growth. We hope you will be curious enough to join us too. Email: or connect with us on: Twitter: Linkedin: Insta:

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