Charlotte Knight, Emotional Literacy and the reconstruction of the emotional world in the criminal justice system


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Somehow emotions and thinking became disconnected from many of our key services. We are fortunate that a number of skilled and experienced practitioners have taken time to reflect on the place of feelings and emotions in everyday life and the way they can affect our judgements.

Our latest guest, Charlotte Knight, began her career in the probation service in 1973 and has extensive experience as a probation officer in a range of settings including both prison and the community.

In the second half of her career, Charlotte has been much more involved in working academically to develop probation officers. Her academic work involved setting up a diploma in probation studies and enabling the creation of a degree in criminology at De Montfort Uni. She completed a PhD in criminology in 2012 on the subject of emotional literacy in criminal justice and the book that emerged from this is a refreshing read for anyone who’s involved with the CJS. (

Although Charlotte retired from full-time teaching in 2011, she’s continued to work on a number of European Probation projects and also wrote a second book on LGBT people and the CJS. (

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