Eating Behind Bars: Ending the Hidden Punishment of Food in Prison. Leslie Soble and Roy Waterman


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We are very excited by this episode and had a great time meeting our two guests from the USA. Food is central to our existence, health and wellbeing. All of us.

Leslie Soble is a research fellow for the Food in Prison Project and the lead author of Impact Justice’s recent report, Eating Behind Bars: Ending the Hidden Punishment of Food in Prison. An ethnographer and folklorist, Leslie holds an MA in cultural sustainability with a focus on the intersection of foodways, narrative theory, and social practice art.

Roy Waterman is a chef, mentor, activist and agent of change, one who is committed to assisting in the growth and the development of the lives of all people, especially those formerly incarcerated.

Leslie and Roy engage in a stimulating and hard hitting conversation about the meaning of food in prison, how it is managed and used as a tool to further punish and humiliate incarcerated people. This was the starting point in a discussion which touched upon the use of language and the matter of power and politics in the administration of justice. For more on how to avoid the use of negative language follow this link.

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