Jewel in the crown or guilty secret. HMP Grendon approaches 60.


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Grendon was opened in 1962, with the support of RA Butler then Home Secretary of the conservative government. How times have changed, well have they? In this conversation Geraldine Akerman and Richard Shuker talk about their 40 years of combined experience in this unique therapeutic prison.

Hon. Professor DR. GERALDINE AKERMAN is a Forensic Psychologist and Therapy Manager at HMP Grendon. She has worked for the prison service since 1999 assessing risk and providing treatment to men convicted of violent and sexual offences and with complex needs. She is the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Division of Forensic Psychology. Geraldine has co-edited a book on Enabling Environments and one on the subject of assessing and managing problematic sexual interests. Geraldine was awarded a PhD by the University of Birmingham in 2015. Geraldine was presented with the Senior Practitioner Award by the Division of Forensic Psychology 2018 for distinguished contribution to Forensic Psychology.

Richard Shuker is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist and Head of Clinical Services at HMP Grendon, a therapeutic community for prisoners with a personality disorder. Formerly lead psychologist within Grendon he now leads the clinical and research provision within its therapeutic communities. He spent the early part of his career working with young offenders and his special interests now include the assessment and treatment of offenders with personality disorders and other complex needs. He is particularly interested in relationships and social climate within prisons and how these can provide the conditions for change. He is Series Editor for the book series Issues in Forensic Psychology. He has published widely in areas including risk assessment, treatment readiness, social climate and trauma, therapeutic outcome and clinical intervention. He has co-edited a number of books and journals in the field of forensic psychology and therapeutic communities.

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