Justin Wiggan, sound artist, descibes the emotional power and universal relevance of his work


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Our guest has been described as “one of the most important artists working across arts and health right now. His ground-breaking work has huge potential for impact across life sciences and is a testament to the power of creativity in health and well-being”.

Anyone who has been inside a prison will have experienced the eerie silence when everyone is locked up and the cacophony of sound at other times. We may learn to neutralise those sounds but Justin shows how sound has beauty and meaning

Justin’s practice includes a range of media from sound, phonics, film, drawing, installation, interventions and performance and he’s collaborated with a wide range of individuals across medical, research and creative industries sectors. His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally and he has described hisown aim as being to educate, share and engage people with sound and reconnect with their lives using sound art.

In addition to his artistic practice, Justin has extended his artistic practice to work with young people and community groups particularly those associated with increased vulnerability such as within palliative care and mental health.

Finally, Justin runs Glass Twin a company that use sound as a tool to promote mental well-being through developing soundscapes and he’s worked within hospices, prison and schools as well as with the emergency services and charities supporting people with mental health needs. It’s within this capacity where Naomi came across Justin who worked with her to try and find some ways to enrich the environment of the Fens Unit, Whitemoor Prison, and create meaningful use of sound. http://www.justinwiggan.co.uk/

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