Lawrence Jones on the fine detail of Trauma. A psychologist's journey from Wormwood Scrubs to Rampton Hospital.


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In this conversation Lawrence gives a fascinating description of the therapeutic community at Wormwood Scrubs prison which closed soon after the death of Dr Max Glatt. He goes on to give us insight into his developing thinking on the nature of trauma and states of mind as it relates to forensic practice.

Lawrence Jones is a clinical and forensic psychologist, currently Head of Psychology at Rampton High Secure Hospital and Honorary Associate Clinical Professor at Nottingham University. He teaches regularly on the Sheffield and Leicester Clinical Psychology doctorate courses as well as the Forensic Doctorate at Nottingham University, He has previously been the Chair of the Division of Forensic Psychology.

Lawrence has had a long and extensive career within forensic services across both criminal justice and mental health settings with a significant amount of time spent working within therapeutic communities. Significantly this included the Annexe at Wormwood Scrubs prison, also referred to as the Max Glatt Unit. Lawrence has trained in multiple models of psychological therapy including Schema focused Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Analytic therapy which he has integrated into his knowledge of TC culture and treatment and has worked hard throughout his career to try and find ways to ensure the services he is responsible for are as accessible as possible.

Lawrence has very many publications to his name but is particularly interested in furthering an understanding of those who attract a diagnosis of personality disorder and offsetting the adverse impacts of chronic trauma and loss of liberty.

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