LS 156 - Diet For a New America Part 2 with Ocean Robbins


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Jason Hartman talks with Ocean Robbins, decendant of the Baskin-Robbins family and author of the new book 31-Day Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, and Transform Your World, about the state of American's eating today. The two break down how our diets have changed over the years, why some aspects of our diets are the way they are, how to make a more ethical, sustainable world, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] Has anything changed since Diet for New America came out?

[4:48] There's a lot of money being made on the status quo

[8:00] What to do if you want a more ethical, sustainable world

[12:20] Jason's theory on meat through the ages

[15:08] We aren't getting nearly enough fiber in our diet now

[16:53] The key use of willpower is to establish healthy habits


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