My Therapy Story + How A Psychologist Can Support Your Mindset - feat. Dr Libby Quinn


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This week’s episode is a vitally important one.

I’ve talked a lot about my own mindset challenges over this season, and something that is instrumental for me to be the upbeat, focused and positive person I know I can be is the support of my psychologist.

For this season on mindset, I wanted to have a D&M chat with an expert psychologist who really understands the demographic of the audience of this show. Dr. Libby Quinn, aka The Women’s Psychologist, who has a psychology practice devoted specifically to women.

In myself and Libby’s chat, cover:
  • Why women can need therapy more than men
  • The three steps she guides her clients on to help boost their mindset
  • The reason that a journalling practice works and how it can help counteract stress
  • The early warning signs that we should be getting psychological help… soon
  • How to know if we are - or are not - coping ok with a curve ball or major life event
  • The surprisingly common problem of adjustment disorder, and how therapy can help
  • The concept of matresence (every mother needs to know this!)
  • The importance of the female village, and how a lack of it contributes to mental health issues
  • Loneliness and how it impacts our mindset
  • Her (and my) advice on how to find a great psychologist

You can find Libby via her website or on Instagram: @thewomenspsychologist.

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