Episode #366: Life is a Journey for the Potts


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Life is not a race but a journey with the Potts Family!

Neal and Debbie Potts begin a new chapter in life. Did you know we decided to sell our house in Bellevue, WA in the middle of April and we sold it two weeks later?

We moved on June 19th to Southern California- now in an AirBnb rental in north Escondido on Lilac Road east of Carlsbad or Encinitis.

We arrived here last Friday afternoon and I was in tears... there is no way I can live this far away from the ocean and towns for three months or more.

Well, everyday I start to enjoy it more but I am only on day four.

Do you want to live by the beach or by the mountains? Why not both?

Learn more about my new adventures and new chapter in life as a Health RE-Building Coach while living in the "mountains".

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Life is not a race... It is a Journey.

Enjoy the ride.

Embrace the change.

Find joy, happiness and laughter into every life changing experience.

What is the gift in this experience?

What is your area of opportunity?

Join me and learn more.

What would you do if you were me?

Debbie Potts

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