BH016: Alzheimer's: A Unique Approach to Treatment and Prevention of Cognitive Decline with Dr. Dale E. Bredesen


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It is estimated that by 2050, 13 million people will be affected by Alzheimer’s disease or Alzheimer’s dementia. It is on track to become the second leading cause of death in the U.S. My guest today, Dale E. Bredesen, MD, is working toward reversing and preventing cognitive decline. Dr. Bredesen’s book, The End of Alzheimer’s, provides a programmatic approach to staving off neurodegenerative disease by identifying and eliminating the why behind the affliction.

During our discussion, Dr. Bredesen discusses possible causes of the disease, preventative lifestyle changes and the future of diagnosis and treatment of cognitive decline.

Key Takeaways:

[3:53] Understanding why neurodegeneration occurs.

[9:35] How can insulin resistance add to the inflammation which causes Alzheimer’s?

[13:30] Is ApoE4 the Alzheimer’s gene?

[25:25] How might intermittent fasting and Ketogenics help stave off Alzheimer’s disease?

[27:40] Mercury and other toxins that burden our bodies.

[36:44] Positives and negatives of proton-pump inhibitors, statins, and other drugs.

[42:03] The Bredesen Protocol

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