BH024: Dave Feldman of Part 2 To Help Us All #RethinkLDL


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During Dave Feldman’s second appearance on the podcast we delve deeper into the results of his Ketofest experiment and how his research is revolutionizing the way we look at cholesterol. According to Dave's 'energy status' theory, the body as a system anticipates its energy needs and regulates how it mobilizes long term and short term energy storage. This makes cholesterol a passenger in an energy delivery system, not an inherently harmful doer of evil. Dave also shares the secrets of his future experiments, and explains why Lipidology is an engineer's "Holy Grail." This is not your every day conversation!

Key Takeaways:

[1:08] Dave shares the results of his experiment from Ketofest.

[5:25] Can higher dietary fats really lower cholesterol?

[9:10] Does the body anticipate the use of energy?

[15:33] The energy delivery theory.

[28:00] Why a low fat-high carb diet is better than a high carb-high fat diet.

[42:44] Have an alternative theory to Dave's theory? He wants to hear it.

[45:51] Dave will self-experiment with cookies to put his theory to a test.

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