LCCP035: Dr. Jeff Stanley — How Ketogenics is Changing the Game of Treating Type 2 Diabetes


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This week, I welcome Dr. Jeff Stanley of Virta Health back to the podcast to discuss the results from their one-year Cardiovascular Risk Factor Assessment clinical trial. The results, which are published in the peer-reviewed publication Cardiovascular Diabetology, include some very impressive findings. Findings that may just shake up conventional wisdom about a high fat diet. During our conversation, we discuss the details of the trial, and also explore practical implications of a ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, macro calculations, and beta-hydroxybutyrate measurements. Dr Stanley and Virta health have already revolutionized the way we treat diabetes, and this latest trial only furthers that mission.

Key Takeaways:

[4:31] Virta Health's method is to safely and sustainably reverse type 2 diabetes.

[9:08] New data will soon be published by Virta.

[13:42] The guidelines and macro data Virta uses with patients.

[19:25] Advice for people seeking information on a ketogenic diet from their doctor.

[22:15] Obstacles patients face with staying compliant to treatment and lifestyle changes.

[26:12] Virta’s priority when discussing intermittent fasting is safety, safety, safety.

[30:26] What does the cardiovascular intervention trial data show after one year?

[51:55] What pushback is Virta experiencing after publishing their results?

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