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Case ########-32

Case study on the administration of fear.

Recorded by The Archivist in Situ.

Content warnings:

  • Compulsions (supernatural)
  • Emotional manipulation & gaslighting
  • Mental disorientation
  • Paranoia & self-doubt
  • Mentions of: scopophobia, worms (inc. SFX), blackmail, gun violence, isolation, mild language, mass suffering, self-recrimination
  • SFX: screams, discordant static




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Edited this week by Annie Fitch, Elizabeth Moffatt, Brock Winstead, Jeffrey Nils Gardner & Alexander J Newall

Written by Jonathan Sims and directed by Alexander J Newall

Produced by Lowri Ann Davies


- "The Archivist" - Jonathan Sims

- "Martin Blackwood" - Alexander J. Newall

- "Georgie Barker" - Sasha Sienna

- "Rosie" - Hannah Brankin

- "Elias Bouchard/Jonah Magnus" - Ben Meredith

Sound effects this week by 123jorre456, Adam_N, afterguard, AlexMurphy53, altfuture, amholma, Angel_Perez_Grandi, animatik, Australopithecusman, BockelSound, daboy291, Daniela-Santos, dansayshi, darkiron98, Eelke, FractalStudios, giddster, Guardian2433, harleto, humanoide9000, InspectorJ, joedeshon, jtnewlin13, kb7clx, khenshom, klankbeeld, LampEight, LittleRobotSoundFactory, mefrancis13, mffm, mrsorbias, mzui, nebulousflynn, nhaudio, nickyg11p, Nox_Sound, OGsoundFX, OwlStorm, petewyer2, pfranzen, Phil25, pushkin, ralph.whitehead, rivernile7, Rodzuz, Rudmer_Rotteveel, savataivanov, sidequesting, sKydran, SpliceSound, sturmankin,, tim.kahn, vedas, VithorMoraes, Volonda, xserra, Dynamicell & previously credited artists via

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