#23 Embracing your Masculine and Feminine with Sexual Polarity Expert, Maddy Moon


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Holy Goddess of Light, Love, and Wisdom!! Maddy Moon is an expert on accomplishing energetic agility and balance, assisting those willing and ready to learn how to cultivate deeper connections with their divine feminine or masculine energy bodies through radical yet understandable practices. In this episode she guides us through the alpha omega paradigm, and how we can enhance our relationships by learning to step in and out of these sexual polarities so that they better serve us. As we navigate how to take personal responsibility for our own healing, Maddy explains how, on the contrary to what many “self-help” gurus and technicians would teach, we actually NEED human connection and community to reach deeper inward, and heal ourselves properly. If that wasn’t enough, we also explore intuitive eating, how the feminist movement needs to be defined in much more balanced terms, and how learning to trust our men again will allow space for “divine union”. Her passion for her work comes through in her articulate and captivating words, making understanding and utilizing the knowledge she bestows incredibly accessible. If everyone could truly hear and understand this episode, we think the world would be made better for it!
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