#49 Be Your Own Best Doctor, w/ Stealth Infections Expert: Dr. Jess


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All about being your own best doctor, our guest, Dr. Jessica Peatross, touts how accumulating the right array of knowledge and tools to heal ourselves fully is the best path to true health. Empowering the masses through her incredible social media presence, she’s a Stealth Infection Expert who gives us the low down on Lyme, Black Mold, Epstein Barr, and so much more. As we explore some of the most commonly ignored, overlooked, and misdiagnosed health issues people are living with today, Dr. Jess enlightens us with her abundant knowledge on how to heal ourselves through her “Kill, Bind, Sweat” protocol, which she’s seen miraculous success with while using it on herself and with her patients. In this episode we dive into everything above, as well as autoimmune conditions, imbalanced hormones, mycotoxins, the microbiome, and how to heal our gut, along with her journey into the world of Ayurveda, holistic healing, epigenetics, energy work, nutrigenomics, homeopathy, stem cells, the Gerson therapy for cancer patients, as well as cannabis and CBD. This one is chalked full of insightful answers; We’re hopeful that Dr. Jess’ philosophy of seeking true health through an embodiment of mind, body, and spirit cleansing and integration is a contagious one! -Be a light.

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