2086 - Teacher Strikes & Red States in Revolt w/ Eric Blanc


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Journalist Eric Blanc (@_ericblanc), author of Red State Revolt: The Teachers' Strike Wave & Working-Class Politics, joins us to discuss the recent wave of teacher strikes in red states.

On today's show: Trump retweets Jerry Falwell Jr.'s call for Trump to get two years added onto his term as "reparations" for Mueller.

Journalist Eric Blanc (@_ericblanc), author of Red State Revolt: The Teachers' Strike Wave & Working-Class Politics, joins us to discuss teacher strikes in red states. The forces that touched off the WV teachers' strike. How the weakness of unions in red states created an opening for more radical actions. The impact of the "education reform" movement of the early 2000s. How WV's history of labor militancy inspired the strikers. The ripple effect created in other states. The numerous misdeeds of the WV Democratic Party. Social justice unionism and the relationship between striking teachers and the community. How the same ethos could be applied to other fields like nursing. How successful have the strikes been? How the strikes have changed the electoral landscape for 2020.

On the fun half: Fox and Friends' Brian Kilmeade defends Trump's relationship with black athletes like Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson...and Ben Carson. Militia leader James Russell Bolton caught impersonating Mexican drug kingpin to grift his followers. Mnuchin refuses to turn over Trump's taxes to Congress. Sandra Bland's family calls to re-open investigation into her death after new footage surfaces. Angus King tells CNN of his concerns over John Bolton's desire for war with Iran. Mike Pompeo tells Arctic Council in Finland about the opportunities presented by the melting of the ice caps. Fox & Friends suggests Bernie is skittish about the "socialist" label, has Stuart Varney define it for them. Nobody wants to buy Milo's throne chair.

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