98 - The Tools You Need for Maximum Productivity (with Alex Miranda)


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Is it possible to go from business idea to product launch in two days? My guest today Alex Miranda pulls this amazing feat off regularly and he shows us how to leverage productivity tools to get the job done, to execute the systems and processes he’s put together that have made his business thrive. You’ll be able to tell as soon as you start listening to this episode how passionate Alex is about what he does and what it takes to be productive. He’s definitely a productivity junkie and he presents us with the tools and apps you’ll need to satisfy your craving to get prepared for 2017. Alex is the founder of “Launch in 2 Days” a bootcamp-style live event where a group of entrepreneurs walk in with an idea for a business and out with something they can start selling the next day. Alex graduated Cornell University in 2003 with a business and marketing degree. In 2005 he founded his first business, Creative Complex, a branding agency, where he helped thousands of entrepreneurs over 11 years start and grow their businesses. In addition to building his own company and developing marketing & branding strategies for his clients, Alex is a speaker, author and blogger and the Executive Director of a non profit he launched called Jose's Hands that performs medical missions to the Caribbean and South America. You think you need some jam-up systems and tools to pull all of this off? You better believe it…and Alex has some great insight for you in this regard. We dive into all kinds of stuff, from the productivity tools he leverages and has refined over the years to how to effectively onboard and train new Virtual Assistants. I love this conversation because Alex is full of passion, he’s super-productive and he knows how to leverage tools the right way…he’s on point with everything I’ve seen him put out and I’m grateful to have him on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show. Want to work with Nick on how to get the right things done? Go to http://makeitsnappyshow.com/application Do you have questions for our next panel? Record them now for our next Q&A panel at http://makeitsnappyshow.com/question. Please click subscribe button above so you can listen and "make it snappy" on all our future episodes. All the beautifully engineered, snappy show notes for this episode are located right here: http://makeitsnappyshow.com/podcast-episodes/98 Subscribe to Nick Snapp’s newsletter and receive his free guide on how to create over one hour per day for parents at http://makeitsnappyshow.com/guide.

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