Daddy Download - Don’t Get Mad, Get Glad


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Everyone told you being a Dad would be hard, right? Many probably even said, “Nothing can prepare you…” And, man, they were so right. There’s nothing we can tell you to make the transition to being a new Dad a smooth and easy one, but we can help you figure out how to be more involved, more present, and more engaged as a parent and a partner. That’s what we’re aiming to do in this series of Daddy Downloads from The Man Rules podcast.

Parenting is full of surprises. Some expected but a lot of them unexpected. The majority of the surprises we have no control over. That can lead to a lot of different feelings! So what do we do as fathers? What do we do when we can get this little creature who doesn’t respond to reason or argument to stop crying? How do we take care of our own frustration and not let it get in the way of our connection with our child?

We talk all of the time on The Man Rules podcast about anger. And, of course, it’s one of the few feelings that men are allowed to have in this society. What about all of those other feelings though? All of those same feelings our little beings embody every moment of the day? If you are not a man used to noticing how you get triggered by others’ feelings this podcast could help. A baby is completely defenseless, vulnerable, and unpredictable. Do any of those sound like qualities that The Man Rules embrace or prepare men to be able to handle?

We aren’t going to pretend it’s easy but we do give you some really effective tools that you can use right away - none of which cost you any money whatsoever to access.

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