The Bullet & The Butterfly Wings


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The Man Rules Podcast has been blessed to have our producer, Andrea Sauceda, since we began. We are a small podcast with very little budget and she has given her time graciously and generously. She is taking a long overdue break this month and so now I am taking over the reins for all of September. Let’s hope I don’t break it. :)

Life is one lesson after another. If we are paying attention. Sometimes we get the same lessons over and over, often with increasing intensity. The first time it is as if the Universe is saying, “Psst...Hey Buddy” and just whispers in our ear. The next time maybe there is a slight tap on the shoulder. Then a tug of the arm. Then getting hit upside the back of the head. Hopefully a two-by-four across the forehead can be avoided. The question: What does it take to wake up? The young people (holy shit, did I just say that? I am still kicking and screaming into middle age) talk about being #woke and it is a wonderful concept but sooooooo much hard to put into practice in your life. At least, in my experience, it is pretty easy to go back to sleep.

In this episode, I talk about a car accident I had last week and the lessons I am taking away from it. I am truly grateful that nobody was hurt. I am pretty sure this was me getting hit upside the back of the head. It is amazing the near tragedies and catastrophes we walk away from because Life is giving us an opportunity to pay close attention. And yet we close our eyes. Other than my car, there was no damage. I hope I listen. This time.

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