Carlos Redlich - How To Write Copy That Converts


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Carlos Redlich is a respected, 6-figure copywriter who helps his clients sell with salesletters and sales videos.

He is also a practitioner of Jeet Kune Do and Mui Thai. He is the author of the book Copywriting Playbook and author of Udemy courses on martial arts and lead generation.

In this episode, Carlos reveals:

2:25: When and how he started copywriting

4:40: What books did Carlos learn copywriting from?

7:15: How long did it take him to succeed with copywriting?

8:50: What marketing strategies does Carlos does use to get copywriting clients?

14:40: What does Carlos say on FB Messenger to close clients?

21:15: What types of Webinars convert well and why do webinars full of value fail?

27:15: The questions of revision/rewrites if the client isn't happy?

29:05: How can a beginner build authority in a new niche?

31:15: What does Carlos' typical day look like and how does he stay creative?

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