One Secret To Making A Remote Team Work


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Even though we have 150 employees, only 20 of them are in Boise, so this is how we keep momentum happening.

On today’s episode Russell updates a little on if his kids are enjoying wrestling and he also reveals one secret to making a remote team work. Here are the awesome things in this episode:

  • Find out which of Russell’s kids actually appears to have enjoyed the first wrestling practice out in the wrestling room, despite so much complaining.
  • And hear what one of the important factors is to having a remote team work successfully.

So listen here to find out one of the reasons Russell’s remote team works out so well.


What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson and welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast.

Alright everybody, I hope you guys are doing amazing. A couple of things, first off, did you have a chance to go to recently? If not, it is a gift to you guys. We have been archiving and categorizing and making amazing magic over there and not telling anyone about it yet. So if you go to you can find all back archives of the show, the videos of the show, transcripts of the show, plus a whole bunch of other amazing things are coming in there. Funnel Hacker TV is now all archived on Behind the scenes show is over there. We got tons and tons of stuff.

There’s my beautiful wife. Hello. Hold on.

Alright, I’m back I had to talk to my beautiful bride for a second there, for those who are listening, you probably have no idea what’s happening. Anyway, what was I talking about? It must have been awesome, because I totally forgot. Oh So check out the blog, so much good stuff there. It’s happening, we’re adding and we keep making it better and better. In fact, we got this new insider’s guide in there that are basically a book. An entire Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets book, just we’re doing it all in blog post format. First one that’s going live this week, 11,000 words, all focused on network marketers and funnels for them. I hope you guys enjoy it, go check it out.

Alright, I just wanted to share something cool. If you listened to the last podcast, I was kind of, I don’t know if I was whining. But after I got done with the kids wrestling practice, I was just like man that was hard. None of them wanted to be there, they wanted to be there, but it was a lot harder than I thought. Kids broke out in fights in the middle of practice. Collette was gone to do a barre class, so Ellie came out with Norah and had a big poop. So I’m changing a poop while I’m trying to coach. It was just crazy.

So anyway, Sunday, superbowl Sunday we went out to the gym because, I don’t know, I like watching the commercials, but I don’t really care that much about football. The night before was the wrestling superbowl basically. Penn State and Ohio State wrestled and it was the greatest dual I think I’ve ever seen, ever. So that was my superbowl, Saturday night. Sunday it was just like going to church and then playing with the kids and then coming in for the commercials. That’s kind of how we do it.

So anyway, I’m out in the wrestling room, and Aiden, my little 7 year old, who the whole time is like, “I don’t want to wrestle, this is scary.” All that kind of stuff, he’s like, “Dad, watch this.” And he did the moves. He did them the way that I taught him. He did his drop step perfectly and then he came and did a push pull, he did his under hooks. Everything I taught him, he did it perfectly. And he was all excited. I was like, “oh my gosh. It is already happening. He actually liked wrestling, even though he hated the entire experience, the next day when he knew the move, he loved it.” It was exciting and I just wanted to share with you guys because I thought it was awesome.

Alright, so I got one quick thing to share with you guys today, as we are about to start a week long crazy hack a thon with Todd, and Ryan and everybody in house. And this is something we learned from the Book of Remote. If you haven’t read the Book of Remote yet, or Rework, actually anything from those guys over at 37 Signals, they’re awesome. I can’t remember, I think it was Remote. When we launched Clickfunnels initially we were thinking about making everyone move to Boise and that kind of stuff. And then we decided not to and do more remote.

So we got about 20 or so people in Boise and then everyone else, 130 people are all remote, which is crazy. So we use a lot of what Jason Fried and those guys have trained on, it’s like our Bible for growing our company because they grew Base Camp and did something similar. But once we had talked about being Remote, was once a quarter they bring everyone in together to get that proximity, so they can work together for a week and then they go back out on their own.

So that’s what this week is. Everyone’s flying in and we’re all going to be together and we’re working on a bunch of really cool things, for Actionetics MD, which is going live at Funnel Hacking Live. What’s Actionetics MD, Russell? Oh, only the greatest thing ever. If you thought Clickfunnels was cool before, thought Actionetics was cool before, wait until MD comes out, because this is where we’re taking it to the next level. I’m excited for that.

So I encourage you guys if you have a remote team, get them together, come together. Tony Robins talks about that, proximity is power. So even if you have a remote team, that’s okay, get them together, fly them together, go to a hotel room, something. Get them together because that proximity is power and it gives you time to brainstorm and be together and amazing stuff happens from it.

So if you haven’t read the Book of Remote, go and read it, because you can build amazing companies and cultures, even remotely like we have, which we were really scared of initially, but it’s worked and it’s worked really, really well. But the big key of it is what we’re doing this week. So I’m sure if you’re watching Funnel Hacker behind the scenes show you will see a little behind the scenes of what’s happening. If not, you’re missing out. So be there or be square.

Alright guys. Appreciate you all. Have an amazing day and we’ll see you guys soon. Bye everybody.

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