EP 237: Full Time Family Series- Kindle Garner


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Today's episode is one that was originally going to air on the podcast "Full Time Family"- a whim I had months ago. I decided to instead present it as a series here within Marvelous Moms to keep all the great content in one easy to find place!

Kindle is my inspiration for the homeschool life we are living right now. She is THE person to follow and learn from if you are toying around with the idea, or need some empowerment as a homeschool mom.

We covered a LOT of ground here and got pretty deep into our beliefs about the school system and why we are not just homeschooling to combat what we see are the FLAWS, but rather the beauty that we are finding and the positives in schooling our children from home. You may not know this- but all homeschool parents get asked the same basic questions and are met with the same reactions from parents who do not homeschool.

I asked Kindle to debunk or demystify three of those main things we get asked about or the assumptions people make- and her answers were fantastic.

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