EP 105 - Level Up Your Content With A Video Editing Virtual Assistant


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Why Should You Use Video Content To Promote Your Business?
Instagram's CEO recently said that they will no longer be only a photo-sharing platform, but instead, will focus on entertainment driven by videos. Aside from that, video content can also Boost Your SEO Ranking and promote a stronger network and affiliation through creative collaborations. It also improves your email click-through rate while allowing you to grow your consumer base by attracting new and loyal customers.

What Can Video Editing Virtual Assistants Do For You?
Having someone who can edit videos, wherever and whenever you want is a great addition to your team to be able to produce video content that you need.

Here are some common tasks that a video editing VA can do for your business:

They can edit your raw video footage to be more vibrant and be of high quality
With their experience as experts in their own field, video editing virtual assistants can easily help you to transform your raw videos into high-quality material that meets the expectations of your viewers.

They can remove unnecessary content from the video such as bloopers and the likes
A video editing VA can assist you in removing bloopers and adding smooth transitions, ensuring that your content meets the quality standards that you and your audience want.

They can insert dialogues, narrations, and music within the video
Having narrations, dialogues, and music allows the viewer to get more immersed in your video and understand it easily. A video editing virtual assistant can easily incorporate these elements into the video and guarantee that the narration and music are consistent with the video content.

They can add subtitles for your videos especially if there is a significant amount of narration or dialogue present
A video editing virtual assistant can transcribe videos for you, add the subtitles, and apply them accurately in the video. Saving you more time to focus on the even greater tasks of your business.

They can incorporate sound effects
To make your video more interesting, video editing VA can add sound effects that correspond with the video by using video editing software that they are proficient in.

They can add some graphics, banners, and titles
A video editing virtual assistant can add the necessary graphics, banners, titles, and text overlays to emphasize the key points, identify people, and highlight a message in your video.

They can insert an intro and outro to your videos

Having your video editing virtual assistant add an intro and outro will magnify your video quality and establish a new look and feel. It can also make your video more professional-looking content.

They can sequence your video clips accordingly
With the help of a video editing VA, you can have them arrange your videos and release the appropriate content to avoid misinterpretation of the message that you're attempting to convey through your video.
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