The Mastering Show #65 - Making money from mastering


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Can you make money from mastering ? And if so, how ? If you’re already charging people for your work, how can you be more effective and productive ? Our guest in this episode is Graham Cochrane from the Recording Revolution website, which has been so successful that he’s started helping other people use some of the same ideas and strategies to get them started making money in the audio business themselves. You don’t have to be an audio blogger or YouTuber to achieve this - in this episode we talk about strategies anyone can use: * How to get started charging money from mastering * How to decide how much to charge * What makes you different - why people really might choose you to master their music, even though you don’t have a million-dollar studio or a legendary credit list * Simple strategies to become more effective and efficient with almost everything you do in your business * Why telling some clients to use online mastering instead of you might actually be a good business strategy

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