This Alt-Right Life, Episode 30: The Rednecks Strike Back with Dr. Illusion


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On this episode of This Alt-Right Life, I talk to Dr. Illusion. Doc is a Southern alt-Right blogger and the host of Illusion Radio. In the first segment, Doc and I discuss the economic devastation of rural Whites under Obama, how free trade has wiped out rural America, Trump’s victory as a revolt against big-city Leftism, the future of rural America, and much more. In the second segment, Doc and I discuss the NPI conference. We talk about how Leftists are being driven insane by Trump’s victory, how to keep up the pressure and cement our gains in the election, strategies for fighting back against the Left, and more. This episode originally aired on November 28, 2016. Advertise on the show: Hire me to write or edit for you: Hire me for a consultation: Support the show here: Links: Illusion of Sanity (Doc's blog): Doc's YouTube channel: "NPI and the Extinction Burst of the Left": Music: Arthur Pryor's Band: "Dixie": This Alt-Right Life is presented by Chloe Luv and Davis Aurini. Chloe's blog: Davis' blog: Davis' YouTube channel: Chloe's Twitter page: Davis' Twitter page: Intro music "The World is Changing" by Winglord and second segment intro song “Shadilay” by P.E.P.E. --- Support this podcast:

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