85: How to Utilize Conventional Mortgage Financing to Build Your Portfolio of U.S. Rental Properties with Caeli Ridge


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Caeli Ridge shares her entrepreneurial journey and her path to becoming the owner and CEO of Ridge Lending Group. She talks about her own real estate investing experience buying over 40 rental properties of her own and also helping tens of thousands of real estate investors build their rental property portfolios with conventional mortgage financing. Caeli takes us behind the scenes. explains the profit model of a mortgage lender and breaks down the various fee structures of how lenders make their money. She then explains the larger eco-system of how mortgages are sold, closed, serviced, and then re-sold on the secondary market as mortgage-backed securities. She then explains why the 30-year fixed mortgage is such a uniquely advantageous product and why it is not offered anywhere else in the world. Caeli then gives historical context about the mortgage lending dynamics that contributed to The Great Recession of 2008 and why The Great Shutdown of 2020 is entirely different with respect to both lending and home price dynamics. She also talks about the “mortgage forbearance” provision of the CARES Act and what to be cautious of when exercising it. She then explains mortgage qualification guidelines and breaks down the criteria for a credit score, assets, and debt-to-income ratio. She explains that qualified buyers can still get up to 10 mortgages (what she calls “10 Golden Tickets”) but shares which guidelines have tightened up during The Great Shutdown. She then talks about how to transfer your properties into an LLC and the legal nuances of which you should be aware when doing so. And, finally, she explains how and why the 30-Year-Fixed Rate Mortgages could possibly disappear in 2021. FULL SHOW NOTES available at www.TheMaverickShow.com Register for a FREE CONSULT with Maverick Investor Group to Learn How to Buy Cash Flowing U.S. Rental Properties at www.TheMaverickShow.com/Consult

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