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In today’s podcast episode Jim and Tyson joined attorney Jonathan Barber who has partnership and by niching down was able to open himself up to clients not only nationwide, but worldwide.

Jonathan Barber is the managing attorney of Franchise.Law, a boutique franchise law firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jonathan and his partner, Jason Power, exclusively represent franchisors, working with over 100 franchise systems across the country. The firm operates on a subscription model where franchisors receive unlimited franchise legal services for a flat monthly fee that is tied to the size of their system.

Watch the interview here.

2:48 starting out teaching4:50 creating a partnership after 6 months6:07 niching down to franchise law7:57 a strong support system9:32 partnerships11:10 the team setup12:30 negotiating your domain13:38 rebranding14:45 what is franchise law17:40 tech stack22:22 subscription fees

Jim’s Hack: If there’s something you struggle with and you’re not talking about it, reach out to a friend, colleague, or fellow maximum lawyer and share that. Half the battle is being honest with yourself.

Jonathan’s Tip: Join the Guild. Click the “gear” in whatever you’re working in. Whatever it is, go in and adjust the settings to make your life easier. Tyson’s Tip: Other people are going through the same thing right now, with kids going to school virtually and everything being more stressful than usual, we’re all in this together.

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